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Auditions went well on Friday! Company members will find out their casting this week at Company rehearsal on Friday. We can’t wait to start this Journey!

We will be re-staging our original ballet THE JOURNEY as THE JOURNEY HOME in March 2020. For those who are new to our school, this is an original story ballet I began writing ten years ago that has evolved into a Three-Act Story Ballet about my great-grandmother's immigration to America in 1892. Like other story ballets of this time era, it is a fairy-tale ballet set in an historical time period. This year's version that we have entitled THE JOURNEY HOME will complete the journey of following Swedish and Irish immigrants from their homeland to their new home in Chicago in a 90-minute production that is set to new music and introduces new characters. And...I don't want to divulge too much as there are some surprises ahead!

If you are an Upper Division student enrolled in at least one dance class at Wildwood Ballet, you are eligible to join and audition for a part in this exciting ballet. We will have our first company class tomorrow, September 6th 4:30-5:30 pm. If you are interested in joining company this year, please fill out the attached commitment form and bring with you tomorrow. Next Friday, September 13th, we will have class and casting auditions, we will then start our weekly class/rehearsal schedule on Friday, September 20th.

Company Commitment Form